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3 Best Tips on How to Build Muscle Fast

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Building Muscle – The Complete Guide

Building muscle is a really simple process….if you let it be. I always stick to the three simple principles when building muscle:

  1. Calculate your muscle building nutritional requirements
  2. Choose a resistance based workout routine you’ll stick to for a while, a routine that’ll excite you and allow you to progress
  3. Boost your performance in the gym and results with some carefully selected supplements

There’s one more principle, this one is kind of an invisible one…or at least it needs to be. This may only be temporary until you assess your progress. So what is it? You must at all costs avoid shiny new object syndrome.

  • Stop soul searching for shortcuts online
  • Don’t let a new article or publication turn your head, remain focussed. Trust me, you’ll be rewarded if you stick to the plan
  • Believe in yourself and the decision you’ve made. Ironically, training smart is reading less, especially online
  • Monitor your own results, let your own success dictate your future path. Don’t seek reassurance from others, in my opinion, this simply muddies the water and causes confusion

Follow the plan below and you will definitely succeed. I’ll be astounded if you don’t, even if you are a hard gainer! Remember to bookmark this page and recalculate your nutritional requirements on a weekly basis. As you pack on slabs of lean muscle, you’ll need to keep on top of calorie and macro adjusts required to cater for your new body.



First you must work out your muscle building nutritional requirements, use the calculator below to map out your entire nutrition plan. Use an app like MyFitnessPal to track your calories and macros.[CP_CALCULATED_FIELDS id=”11″]

Tips For Using the Calculator

  1. Make sure you select the correct modifier. For a muscle building bulk you’ll be using + 30% calories on training days, -10% calories on rest days
  2. Don’t sweat over your activity modifier level, this whole process is guess work initially so select the most appropriate one
  3. Use the chart below to determine your approximate bodyfat %, that’ll be close enough but make sure you’re realistic 😉

Bodyfat % Chart




To be honest, I’ve obtained my best results while sticking to similar workout routines whether my goal has been to add muscle, lose fat or gain strength. There are a few tweaks and variables for each goal but for building muscle stick to a resistance based workout, preferably comprising of compound barbell or dumbbell exercises. You can perform cardio for conditioning if you wish…but it isn’t in necessary in order to build muscle. The workout routines below are a perfect fit for building lean muscle.


Muscle Building Enhancers

While using supplements isn’t essential, you can achieve much faster results by using the muscle enhancing supplements listed below. I also tend to find when all 3 elements (nutrition, workouts and supplements) are plugged in and on point, they work together to send my metabolism and feel good factor into overdrive. Choose your weapons, keep this simple and let’s hit the damn thing hard!



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