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5 Reasons Why The Fitness Industry Is To Blame For The Population’s Rise In Obesity

I’ve been kind of forced into using the sweeping term ‘fitness industry’. Not all the industry is bad but how it’s positioned in terms of real people trying to discover an economical, sustainable path to fitness is terribly confusing and boobytrapped to the hilt.

The fitness industry is dominated by products, supplements and hyperbole. I estimate 80% of the info out there is complete bullsh*t and a similar percentage of products are unnecessary. Fitness is indeed a business and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. I do use fitness products and some supplements myself but they aren’t the be all and end of of my plan.

All this confusion has led to the newbie’s entry into the fitness world looking very unappealing, springing up instant barriers for people who need some genuine help. To be honest that’s another reason for me writing this blog.

Below you will see five reasons why I believe the fitness industry is largely to blame in terms of so many people choosing to remain in their current state of obesity.

Reason 1
Mis-selling By Supplement Companies

We all need to accept that there are many people who are struggling to stay in shape. For most of them, it is not a choice but a constant battle against elements such as slow metabolisms, the inability to resist temptation and the ‘mis-selling’ of food by companies and restaurants. The temptation game has been pounced upon by supplement companies. Like it or not supplements have been thrust into the limelight almost as a huge shortcut to losing weight. Ironically the ‘weighting’ of their importance is actually far further down the ladder in reality. Supplement companies need to concentrate more on supplying more up front info around how supplements can augment or ‘supplement’ a person’s desire to lose fat rather than be the number one success factor. I of course realise this is NEVER going to happen. There’s simply too much money to be made. I can’t help but to point this out though 😉


The Fitness Pie, everyone and their dog want’s a piece of it. The fitness industry will also use any angle to lure you into eating their version of the pie!

Reason 2
The Deep End Syndrome

I encourage you to do a Google search right now for ‘fat loss’. You’ll be hit by a range of fat burner and product ads, but even looking beyond those you’ll find highly optimised sites containing images of bodybuilders, physique competitors and so on. Losing fat is emotional, it triggers all kinds of craziness inside people. Of course you would want to emulate these people but believe me, these people have been sponsored to have their faces & bodies slapped all over the sites and magazines in order to endorse products.

The deep end syndrome is trying to emulate the nutrition and fitness routine of an athlete, bodybuilder or someone who is around seven fathoms deep in terms of how much they’ve committed to getting into great shape. A realistic starting place for anyone carrying too much weight should not be to workout six times per week, slug down half a dozen protein shakes per day and eat twenty egg whites for breakfast. There is a place for sites containing such info and routines,  however they aren’t exactly going to discard their obese customers and encourage them to do something else instead are they?

I encourage everyone who wants to lose fat to concentrate on delving in one fathom deep. If you’re determined enough and desire to go the whole way then great! Fathom seven could be yours for the taking! Just don’t be lured down the wrong path. Jumping in at the deep end will inevitably lead to non adherence and giving up. Please don’t do it.

Reason 3
Step by Step Guides, Where Are They?

I mean real ones. Plenty of articles can be found about one topic or another, leading you on a merry dance for an hour and you come out of it more confused then when you started. More ‘experts’ need to address this need for real people. There are too many over optimised sites aimed at gaming one system or another. With this site, sure I want it to be found but not to brainwash people into my way of thinking. Offer quick instructions, allow people to get started and back it up with advice. I’d personally like to see more of this from the industry powerhouses.

Reason 4
Industry Leaders Gaming The System

You know the sites I’m talking about. Some of them have some decent articles on there but you’ll also notice these sites mainly advocate workout routines comprising of training days of five to seven days per week. Why do they do this?

  • Industry leading websites want you to train more often, so you take more supplements.
  • Many of these sites allow you to track you workout online via apps. You’ll be more active online the more you train, yet another excuse to thrust products in front of you.

Reason 5
Exaggerated Angles

You’ll also notice some famous trainers online, all jostling for position and looking for unique angles to accrue as big a slice of the fitness pie they can. Again, business is business but the truth is this;

  • There is no magical spilt workout that’ll make a significant difference to the next one. Progression is key whatever split you use.
  • You don’t need to do anything ‘different’ or unique. I have no idea why people constantly buy into the new shiny method thing.

good luck! 😉