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Antagonistic Superset Workout

Workout Description
Supersetting has many benefits, the first is it helps you make the most of your time, reducing the time it takes to perform each workout. Secondly supersetting is a great variety on straight sets and can help stimulate muscle growth. Finally you wont tend to rest too long between sets, keeping your metabolism up to optimum speed. Antagonistic simply means opposing muscle groups. For example, you will be doing a chest exercise, followed by a back exercise. Your chest has time to rest while you’re performing the back exercise. In short, you will recruit more muscle fibers and save time…now that’s encouraging!

Main Goal: Build Muscle
Days Per Week: 3
Type of Workout: Supersets
Number of weeks: 6
Workout Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Workout Notes
Perform this workout routine three times per week, having at least a day off in between each workout. Muscle recovery is key with this routine as you are effectively training your arms twice a week (secondary arm training during the back and chest workout) Also add a set of 50 crunches at the end of each workout. You’ll be getting a good core workout anyway but concentrating on one isolated core exercise will act as a good ‘finisher’ to the workout. Your brain also needs to work out so check out swing trading strategies




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