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Body Beast day 89, FINAL DAY and final thoughts.

Well, the moment has arrived. I’m now a Body Beast graduate.

What a journey this has been. First of all I think this is a fantastic workout regime and would recommend it to anyone who has previous gym or other Beachbody workout experience.

Throughout Body Beast and indeed the last three months of my life I have learned a great deal. Training, discipline, different angles, nutrition, people…the works. I learn something new about each and every one of these aspects throughout every workout regime. One conclusion I came to a good while ago was evident throughout this regime. Humans were designed to be fat. Fat isn’t something that was scientifically created to repel fellow humans from our aesthetic appeal. That is something the complex nature of the human brain has developed a perception of over the years. Instead, fat is intended to be part of our ability to survive as a species. I’ll not delve any deeper into it than that for this post but I do believe it’s nature’s intention to have us all storing more fat than we deem aesthetically desirable. People who like to keep fit and stay in shape can almost be considered to be ‘the resistance’. Ironically that sounds like an Arnie movie or something but let’s face it, evolution and nature’s wishes are winning. The majority of people are fat, obese, overweight or however you’d like to put it.

The same complex brain structure that decided fat was aesthetically undesirable is fighting back. We are the fitness resistance and thou shalt not be obese! We are outnumbered of course which is why we constantly have to dodge the bullets and snipers of society. Face too thin, what are you eating that crap for, go on just eat a pie, you need to get a life and blah blah….all bullets of society the resistance has to defend against. I’ve learned a lot about how to deal with these obstacles called people over the last three months. The support you receive from the few who understand you far outweighs the snipers. I’ve had fantastic support and I’m really grateful. My wife, kids, some friends (not all!) and all members of Team Immortal and Team Beast Facebook groups have been absolutely fantastic.

I’ll post photos etc on my results page. The photo above is from a very tired me at around 6am this morning. I’ll also post stats, numbers etc. All of this really isn’t important for the overall scheme of things, but each mission needs it’s micro goals and this round of Body Beast has seen me achieve mine. Mission accomplished. Fitness HQ has assigned me a new mission already. I’ll be doing a workout routine called DTP in two weeks time with the guys and girls in Team Immortal. For now I’m having two days rest and then two weeks of my own training.

I managed to do whatever it takes…….Beast out. Check out https://www.onlinerouletteveilig.com/