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Antagonistic Superset Workout

Workout Description Supersetting has many benefits, the first is it helps you make the most of your time, reducing the time it takes to perform each workout. Secondly [...]

Simplified Shred Workout

The Simplified Shred workout is aimed at all levels of experience. It's a particularly good idea to start with this workout if you are a beginner who's new [...]

The Power of Three Workout

The Power of Three Workout is particularly aimed at people who have previous experience in lifting weights. If you can’t perform unassisted pull-ups and dips, this routine isn’t [...]

Total Body Diagonal Training

Workout Description The total body diagonal training method is a real fat burner. The workouts help light your inner fat burning fire by targeting opposite diagonal muscle groups and [...]

Upper and Lower Body Split

Workout Description The classic upper and lower body split training routine. This routine allows you to perform all the major compund muscle building exercises in a hard but fairly [...]

Triple Fat Buster Workout

Workout Description The triple fat buster workout uses circuit training techniques to keep the workout high intensity and the blood pumping throught your entire body. Combined with a half [...]

Body Mass Workout

Workout Description The total body mass workout does exactly what is says on the tin. Adding slabs of lean body mass isn't really as complicated as many articles indicate. [...]

The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

Workout Description The ultimate fat burning workout is exactly what it claims to be. Looking at the exercises, ironically they are very similar to the ones I list in [...]

Push Pull Workout

Workout Description The classic push pull workout routine is simple but very effective. You can maintain maximum blood pump around muscle groups which compliment each other perfectly. Rest periods [...]

No Equipment Workout

Workout Description Sometimes you just can't make it to the gym - It's a fact of life. Your mother in law is visiting, the boss needs you to work [...]

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