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Versus Hybrid – P90X vs Insanity vs One on One vs Asylum vs P90X+

As my first hybrid nears the end, I thought I’d plan ahead and devise this hybrid beast! I’ve called it the versus hybrid and I can’t wait to start it. I’ve enjoyed doing my first hybrid routine so much I’ve been scouring the net for other hybrids, info and results base research. This one suits my own targets and I will use it until the long awaited arrival of P90X2. I’ve provided links below so you can download the hybrid.

Download Here

Download PDF file

Download Excel spreadsheet

This hybrid combines the most refined muscle building resistance workouts with the most explosive fat burning cardio workouts from the sensational Beachbody collection.

The foundation of the programme is built around the classic P90X muscle confusion training blocks. This hybrid takes muscle confusion beyond any of the conventional workout routines. I’d only recommend this to P90X, Insanity and other Beachbody workout graduates as this hybrid falls well into the advanced bracket.

What excites me about this beachbody hybrid;

  • The hybrid has structure
  • Variety is the spice of life as Tony Horton often says, boy does this hybrid have variety! Keeping your mind interested and body stimulated is paramount towards achieving your goals and beyond
  • The most acclaimed beachbody workouts are combined; P90X, Insanity, P90X Plus, Insanity Asylum and the One on One Volume one series.
  • You could even rate each workout out of ten for intensity, enjoyment and effort, turning this into a ‘game day’ every day, totalling scores during each workout block. For example, P90X resistance versus Insanity cardio is training block one. Play them off against each other and compare scores with your workout partners. Anything that helps you ‘Bring It’ and ‘Dig Deeper’ is a bonus…..or I’m just a nutcase, one of the two!
  • There’s a great balance of strength, cardio and stretching in the hybrid
  • You can tweak it to suit your own goals, this is just a template, download the Excel spreadsheet and do what you wish with it.

Enjoy the versus hybrid and by all means let me know your thoughts and how you get on with it.