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    TRAINING ON-THE-GO: The Resistance Bands Set allows you the whole body effectively and guesting train. Save from the monthly gym subscription, now you can workout anywhere, at home, office or in a trip. Everything you need can be found in a carrying pouch. QUALITY UPGRADED RESISTANCE BANDS: The latex tubes has been ruggedized to guarantee a safe pulling and long service time. Each colored band provides weight resistances varying between 2-30 lbs., with a total resistance weight of 75 lbs. when clipped together. Yellow (2~4 lbs), Blue (4~8 lbs), Green (10~12 lbs), Black (15~20 lbs), Red (25~30 lbs). PRO LEVEL FITNESS: The set includes an ankle straps, door anchor which enables you performing in different strength training exercises with the resistance bands, perfect for full-body building and fitness.