Heavy Duty 4 Piece Exercise Resistance Band Loop Workout Set, Perfect Strength Training For Physical Therapy, Legs, Arms, Full Body, Speed, Mesh Bag, Bonus Cooling Towel

4 Piece Resistance Band Set (10″ Bands), with Bonus Cooling Towel and Travel Bag

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4 Piece Resistance Band Set (10″ Bands), with Bonus Cooling Towel and Travel Bag

Included with your purchase:

? 4 x Exercise Loop Bands
? 1 x Cooling Towel (for wicking sweat)
? 1 x Travel Bag
? 1 x 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Features and Benefits:

? Cooling towels perfect for wicking sweat
? Portable
? Great for using at work, the gym, the office and more!
? Varying resistance strengths
? Hundreds of exercises are possible

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MULTIPLE RESISTANCES: This set comes with 4 elastic exercise loop bands of varying resistances. This allows for 15 different resistance combinations to meet your workout needs. You’ll also receive a small cooling towel as a bonus when you purchase this set. Are you purchasing this as a GIFT? Then you’ll be happy to know that this set comes in a nifty designed box.
INCREASE BRAIN FUNCTION: Regular exercise including resistance training can help prevent and slow cognitive decline in men and women. Invest in yourself and those that you care about it. Add this set of stretch bands to your fitness equipment workout arsenal. The bands and carry bag are super portable, so it’s easy to take them with you when you travel.
IMPROVE STRENGTH: Increase lean body mass (i.e. muscle) to increase your metabolism. This is a great way to CONTROL YOUR WEIGHT. Not only can this band set help you build muscle, but you’ll have a tool to increase ligament and tendon strength too. Get busy working out so you can enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and get back out on the trails, the basketball court, or playing with the kids (WITH REDUCTION OR ELIMINATION OF ACHES AND PAINS).
GREAT ADDITION TO PHYSICAL THERAPY OR STRENGTH PROGRAM: Our exercise bands can be used for recovery during physical therapy after injuries such as torn MCLs and ACLs, knee replacements, isometrics, stabilization exercises, monster walks, lateral walks, goblet squats, improving mobility & meniscus / patella rehab. Bands are ideal for average strength individuals.
BONUS COOLING TOWEL: Don’t overheat during your workout. The included bonus cooling towel produces a cooling affect based on the same principles as the moisture-wicking shirts sold by major sporting good companies: evaporation. You COULD use a wet bath towel and fan for evaporative cooling for your home workouts, but WHY? The included cooling towel is small (11×31 inches), light weight, soft and won’t weigh you down when moistened like a heavy, soggy bath towel.





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