Ivation LAT Machine Accessory Set – Includes Tricep Rope, Pressdown V-Bar, Rotating Straight Bar & Cable Attachments for Wide Variety of Tricep & Abdominal Workouts

Turn your home lat machine into a full gym!

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Turn your home lat machine into a full gym!

Looking to tone up your home gym? The Lat Machine Accessory Set by Ivation is your ultimate expansion solution. Designed to Ivation-quality spec, this set is an amazing deal, including three pieces of equipment for the price of one. Expand the exercises you can master with a Tricep Rope, Rotating Straight Bar and Pressdown V-Bar. All of them have solid steel hooks to securely connect with your home gym, lat machine, ab machine, cable crossover, or any pulley system. The hooks are on flexible hinges to provide you with unrestricted motion. Textured grips and rubberized caps ensure your hands stay in place for a safe, slip-free work out. Made of tough stainless steel, this set can blast out a lifetime of reps without giving in. The attractive chrome finish is more than just aesthetically pleasing: it protects your equipment from rust and corrosion.

What You Get

  • 1 tricep rope
  • 1 rotating straight bar
  • 1 V-shaped pressdown bar
  • User guide for safe operation
  • A wide variety of exercises for your triceps and abdominal muscles

Specs & Details

  • Tricep rope measures 22″
  • Rotating straight bar measures 18″
  • V-shaped pressdown bar measures 7.3″
  • Materials: Solid steel, chrome finish (bars); braided nylon, rubber caps (rope)
  • Weight: 11.80 Pounds
  • Strong steel hooks connect accessories to lat machine

How to Enjoy

  • Connect attachment to desired cable using connector on exercise machine
  • When finished with attachments, always store in a safe, dry place
  • Keep rotating parts well oiled for maximum long-term performance
  • Tone up your home gym-without adding bulk!
    ATTACHES TO LAT MACHINE – Steel Loops Securely Connect All Accessories To Lat Machine At Your Local Or Home Gym For Arm- & Ab-Blasting Workouts
    DURABLE IVATION DESIGN – Bars Are Made Of Solid Stainless Steel With Chrome Finish To Prevent Rust & Corrosion; Quality Build Is Sure To Last A Lifetime
    BRAIDED TRICEP ROPE – Durable Nylon Rope With No-Slip Rubber Caps Provide Full Range Of Motion Multitude Of Tricep & Abdominal Muscle Workouts
    ROTATING STRAIGHT BAR – Ideal For Tricep Push Downs, Bicep Curls, Arm Pullovers & Seated Rows; Bar Fits Most Hands Perfectly & Textured Grip Prevents Slip
    PRESSDOWN V-BAR – Textured Grip Paired With Flat End Caps Provide A Reliable Hold That Won’t Slip; Accessories Make Prime Set For Rows & Bicep Curls



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