Red Grilla Gear Pro-Grade Extra Firm – Ab Exercise Mat For Sit Ups, Crunches, Core Exercise Training

Red Grilla Gear Pro-Grade Firm Ab Mat

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Red Grilla Gear Pro-Grade Firm Ab Mat

Why Choose The Red Grilla Ab Mat? ->

    • High Density Cushion Provides Needed Firmness For Full Support and Proper Abdominal Extension (Expect Mat to be Firm When New and to Slightly Soften Over Use)
    • Made For Durability to Last Longer Than Other Ab Mats
    • SIZE: 12″ x 14″ x 3″
    • Non-Slip Base
    • Quality Satisfaction Guarantee!!!

Can I Get Better Results by Just Using an Ab Mat? ->

    •  Expands Range of Motion – Due to the shape of the ab mat, it fits to the contour of your back while performing abdominal sit-ups. This allows the user to stretch the ab muscles further on extension before the contracting motion. This significantly increases your ability to strengthen a larger area of the abdominal, oblique and back muscles.
    • Helps Maintain Proper Form – In order to achieve the best results from your workout routine, form and technique are critical. This Ab Mat improves proper alignment and motion when performing Sit-ups, Leg Raises, Flutter Kicks, Oblique Sit-ups, etc.

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SUPERIOR AB WORKOUT – Get More Out Of Your Ab Workouts With This Ab mat
WHY CHOOSE FIRM? – This Mat is Meant to be Firm Because It Will Make You Maintain Great Form and Technique. Which Means Better and Faster Results. (It Will Slightly Soften Over 30 Days of Use)
THE DIFFERENCE COMPARED to SOFTER MATS – Most Other Mats are Softer and may feel more comfortable, unfortunately this allows a lesser amount of extension of the abdominal muscles and less effective
MADE TO LAST LONGER! – Made With a Higher Grade Synthetic Leather (Not PVC) – Won’t Flatten, Won’t Tear and Will Maintain its Shape
NON-SLIP BACKING – The Backside of the Ab Mat Provides a Gripping Texture to Preven Slipping During Use





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