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    Our gliding discs are uniquely designed to provide the appropriate amount of grip and sliding ability to be used on both carpet, wood or tile. Our gliding discs are easy to integrate into any workout like Yoga, Pilates, High Intensity Interval Training, Aerobic Exercise, Strength Training or Weight Training. You will improve the range of motion in joints and is also very low impact on your body...Lightweight and portable, easy to workout anywhere you want. If you are looking to tighten your waist and need variety in your ab training this will definitely be of benefit to you.
  • CYBER MONDAY SUPER SALE - Today Only! Buy any AMAZING CORE FITNESS product and SAVE 40% off. Enter code E8UP63RF at checkout. Makes a GREAT holiday gift. You are looking to purchase this resistance band now: #2 Black - 30 to 60 Pounds 3/4 " *4.5mm - Slightly more resistance, these bands can be employed in stretching, jumping and other light exercises including light weightlifting. They are also perfect for those who only need a slight push for their pull ups. Here are the details of all the other resistance bands we offer: #1 Red- 10 to 35 Pounds (1/2 " *4.5mm), #2 Black - 30 to 60 Pounds (3/4 " *4.5mm), #3 Purple- 40 to 80 Pounds (1.25 " *4.5mm), #4 Green - 50 to 125 Pounds (1.75 " *4.5mm), #5 Blue - 65 to 175 Pounds (2.5" *4.5mm)