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Time For Action! Putting Your Ideal Nutrition Plan Together

So you have calculated your ideal nutritional plan calories and macros from the previous step. You’ve also signed up at myfitnesspal and downloaded the app, ready to track your consumption. This is great news! as most of the technical stuff is over with.

Putting Together All the Nutritional Elements

Let’s reference the Nutrition Funnel again here and work through what you are doing to address each element.


1. Calories

You’ve calculated your calorie intake in the previous section, selecting your desired goal. There are other options in the calculator but you should have selected ‘cut’ or ‘extreme cut’  for fat loss. You now have a sufficient calorie deficit in order to get shredded! Simple enough.

2. Macros

Along with your calorie calculations, you also have your macronutrient calculations for each day. The most simple thing to do would be to ensure you hit your protein targets each day. This is crucial in order to maintain your valuable muscle. Remember on training days to keep fat low and carbs high in order to keep your training levels optimum, allowing you to progress.

Remember on rest days to also hit your protein levels. Keep your carb intake low and your fat intake can be higher on rest days. You will burn it all off down to the lack of carbs and calorie deficit. Don’t be tempted to keep fat low throughout as you’ll neglect the hormonal and metabolism boosting properties dietary fat brings to the table. If you manage to hit your calculated carb and fat ratios for each day you’ll see faster results. Following the simple principles above will suffice though. Eventually you wont need to track at all, this will take time but you will become aware of roughly how to gage your macros and calories for each day. Until then, track and monitor your progress.

3. Fiber (US spelling, Fibre in the UK)

Fiber is important for digestion and has a host of other benefits detailed in the Nutrition Funnel Post. If you are hitting around 20g of fibre per day, this will be just about right. Not too little to slow digestion and receive all the benefits and not too much to produce too much gas or even forcing you to ‘shart’ your pants in public. Don’t go crazy with fiber, just be aware of the benefits and include plety of leafy greens in your diet.

4. Water

Drink plenty of water, it’s a simple as that! I don’t personally believe in counting glasses of water per day. Basically, if your pee is almost clear, you’re getting enough water. When combined with fasting water can be a good source of consumption to get you through to your first meal of the day. Water is vital for shuttling nutrients to the correct parts of your body, as well as the obvious hydration and general health related benefits.

5. Timing

Intermittent fasting, Leangains style forms the timing portion of your nutrition plan. You’ve chosen your 8 hour eating window and 16 hour fasting time for each day. You don’t have to do this but it is yet another benefit you can use to your advantage and one I have personally seen great results from when combined with the other nutrition funnel methods. Intermittent fasting may not be for everyone though. If you prefer to have 5 or 6 small meals per day and follow all the other elements of the nutrition funnel, then please do so if this is the best fit for you. Personally, I find intermittent fasting convenient, doable and can work wonders.

6. Supplements

If you can hit your calories and macros without supplements, then you don’t actually need them. As outlined in the nutrition funnel though, I personally use and recommend a very small batch of supplements for both convenience and to sure I have all bases covered.

  • Whey Protein
  • Multivitamins & Minerals
  • Fish Oil
  • Creatine (optional)
  • BCAAs – especially if you follow the Leangains morning protocol (I do)

Here’s an Example Calorie & Macros Template

This is based on my own details using the calculator (at the time of writing this):

Basic Details:

Gender: Male
Age: 40
Weight: 183 lbs (you can use metric or imperial weight by using the calculator preferences button, bottom left of the screen)
Height in Inches: 73
Activity Multiplier: Sedentary (I have  a desk job)
Calorie Split: Cut +10% training days -30% rest days (so I’m basically using a calorie deficit here, just one which is optimal for hormone manipulation and fat burning)

Calculated Training Day Calories & Macros:

Calories: 2453
Protein: 152g
Carbs: 346g
Fat: 51g

Calculated Rest Day Calories & Macros:

Calories: 1561
Protein: 152g
Carbs: 60g
Fat: 80g

My training split is 3 times per week, Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. So I use Myfitnesspal to track that I roughly hit my training day and rest day calories and macros above. I used to be one of those guys who trained 6 or 7 days per week, nailing cardio and doing all the commercial routines there are out there. This kind of worked to a point. However, I soon realised I was overtraining therefore not recovering properly, wasting a lot of time (and money) as well as it not being the most optimal way of sculpting my body. As soon as I switched to a 3 days per week routine, the results came faster and better than before. I maintained muscle and burned actual fat, not just overall weight. This allowed me to keep hold of my face, rather than looking gaunt like my 6/7 days per week protocol. However, I burned more fat this way.

I follow the principles above and I’m currently using The Power of Three Workout as my routine to help get me ripped.

That’s it! Good luck and don’t be afraid to get in touch if you need any help 😉

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