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Triple Fat Buster Workout

Workout Description
The triple fat buster workout uses circuit training techniques to keep the workout high intensity and the blood pumping throught your entire body. Combined with a half decent diet this routine really works and is great for losing weight. I’ve also used this workout as a cutting phase after completing body mass training workouts. This workout feels aerobic even though you are using weights to perform the exercises. This one hurts…but you’ll like it!


Main Goal:
Days Per Week:
Type of Workout:
Number of weeks:
Workout Level:
Weight Loss
Circuit Training

Workout A (Monday)
Exercise Reps (circuit)
Split Squat 10
Barbell Row 8
Press Up 10
Triceps Press Up 10
Squat and Press 10
Medicine Ball Situp 30 seconds

Workout B (Wednesday)
Exercise Reps (circuit)
Upright Barbell Row 8
Incline Close Grip Press 10
Press Up 10
Negative Lateral Raise 8
Barbell Lunge 20
Jumping Jacks 30

Workout C (Friday)
Exercise Reps (circuit)
Body Weight Squat 50
Press Up 10
Dumbbell Bench Press 20
Jumping Jacks 20
Barbell Row 20
Swiss Ball Leg Roll 20

Cardio and Interval Training Explained
Instead of performing long, slow steady aerobic exercise, go hard for short periods of time, like 30 seconds or so, then easy for a minute or two. This is a great way to finish your workout.

Warm up for 3 minutes, go hard for 30 seconds, go easy for 90 seconds, go hard again for 30 seconds, go easy again for 90 seconds, go hard again for 30 seconds, then cool down for 2 minutes 30 seconds.