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Ways to maximise your endurance on the treadmill

Home fitness equipment is perfect for making that workout convenient, and for incorporating an exercise session into your daily routine. Running machine hire at HireFitness.co.uk is a great way to do this, and there is also an Irish site at: http://www.hire-fitness.ie/. But, once you have hired your treadmill, how can you make the most of it? The three handy hints below will get you started.

1. Stay hydrated

When you are working out, water is most definitely your friend. Keep a bottle or a glass of water next to your treadmill so that you can take regular sips from it as required.

2. Listen to music

Time and time again, studies have shown that listening to music – particularly rhythmic music that bounces along at a similar pace to your ideal jogging or running speed – helps to motivate you as you work out. So, put on a couple of your favourite tracks as you use your treadmill. Another great way to use music is to tell yourself that you are going to stay working out on the running machine until you have listened to a certain number of songs – and that you will not stop working out until the tracks have all finished. So, get polishing that running machine playlist now.

3. Build on what you have already achieved

Be realistic about your expectations to start off with, and then start to build on what you have achieved in the early stages. If you can run for 10 minutes to start off with, then do that for a few days before putting it up to 15. You will be surprised how easy it can be to start running 5k, after only a month or two. You could even do the famous ‘couch to 5k’ workout using your hired running machine.

4. Have fun using your home treadmill

A home treadmill is perfect if you do not live close to a gym or cannot afford membership, or if you do not live near a park or other place that would be good to run in. Following the three simple tips listed above will enable you to get the most out of the home running machine that you have hired and get fit and toned more quickly as well.

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